Most frequent questions and answers

We’ve simplified the rental process as much as possible for you. You simply choose an item, pick a day that it is available for rent, and pay.  Then our deliverer brings the bag to your address at the time you specify. The deliverer will need to visually confirm your valid ID (US license or passport), take a photo of the ID, and have you sign our Terms before handing the bag off to you. When your rental period ends, we will pick it up from you from the same address at the time you specify. That’s it!

Yes, 2-way (delivery and pickup) shipping is FREE at the time and place of your choosing. We deliver & pickup anywhere in Las Vegas, NV including casino resorts & hotels.

Yes! This is one of our best features that our competitors can’t offer. Since our operations are located in Las Vegas and we handle our own shipping, we offer rentals for as little as 1 day. You can rent a bag for ANY number of days, and when you’re done we’ll pick it up directly from you. No membership required! No return drop-off required! Just make sure you’re in Las Vegas.

Nope! In fact, currently we do not offer a membership option, but we may add this feature in the future. If this is a feature you prefer, email us at contact@getaclooh.com.

Yes! When you choose your item you also choose the dates you would like to reserve it for rent. As long as no one else has reserved it, the slot is yours once paid in full.


Since we are new, we currently only service Las Vegas, NV.  In the future we plan to add other markets.

Currently, we only allow rental of one item at a time to the same person.

We require a fully refundable security deposit for each rental. The amount of the deposit depends on the value of the bag. If the bag is returned on time and without damage beyond normal wear & tear, then 100% of the deposit is returned to you. If the bag is not returned on time, then we keep some portion (up to 100%) of the deposit to recover losses. Additionally, if the bag is lost, stolen or significantly damaged, you are responsible for the full retail value of the bag which will likely be more than the security deposit. See our Terms for more detail.

Yes! Any rental beyond 1 day is automatically discounted by 20% for each additional day of rental! For example, if you rent a bag for three days, you get a 20% discount on day two & three. The discount does not apply to the first day.

Upon rental, we’ll provide you a personalized rental concierge who can answer any questions, change or extend rental dates, and arrange delivery & pickup. You can also reach us at contact@getaclooh.com.

Rental cost is based on the value of the item rented. The more expensive an item, the more expensive it is to rent. Generally, our items range in retail value from $2k to $8k per item.

Currently, you cannot purchase rental items. In the future we may add this feature.

Absolutely! Each item is purchased directly from the manufacturer and/or has completed a rigorous authentication process. We take authenticity very seriously and stand by the authenticity of our rental items. If you suspect an items authenticity, please reach out to us immediately at contact@getaclooh.com.

No. We love the brands we offer, but we are not affiliated with any brand.

Upon checkout, you’ll provide us a time and location for pickup. When the rental ends, first we’ll contact you and then come to you to retrieve the item anywhere in Las Vegas, NV including casino resorts & hotels.

If you leave Las Vegas without returning the item, you must ship it back to us at your expense as soon as possible. Applicable late fees will be added. If we do not receive the item, or it is damaged beyond normal wear & tear in your possession or in transit, then you will be responsible for the full retail replacement value of the item including taxes and fees.  See our Terms for more detail.

In addition to the handbag, we provide a reusable delivery box, a dust bag, instructions, tags, and other accessory items such as chains and straps connected to the bag. If an item is lost, you are responsible for its replacement cost. The delivery box replacement fee is $50. See our Terms for more detail.

No, but we cover you for normal wear & tear. If you’re taking care of the bag, following the included instructions and being careful, then you should have no worries! If for some reason the bag is lost, stolen or damaged beyond normal wear & tear (as determined by us), then you will be responsible for up to the full retail replacement value of the bag plus applicable taxes and fees as described in our Terms